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Stawell’s Diamond House Heritage 
Restaurant & Motor Inn

What is the Diamond House?

One of the oldest houses in Stawell – and certainly one of the most distinctive and unusual – sits on the corner of Prince and Seaby streets: the Diamond House. Mr John Hearne first began construction on the Diamond House back in 1866, when he was at age 55, and finished it in 1868. 

At the time, Mr Hearne, who was said to have interests in some of the mining claims at the foot of Big Hill, lived with his wife in a small skillion on this block.

The diamond effect you see on the side of this flat-roofed house took considerable skill, planning and patience to create, and shows just how talented Mr Hearne was. Two-inch wooden slats surround the main diamonds, which are made from brown stones and white quartz gathered from Church Hill across the road. Smaller diamonds decorate the corners of each main diamond. The stones had to be carefully cut and fitted to maintain the uniformity. 
Diamond house side and back view
The building has been standing for more than 140 years, a great achievement considering that it is said no nails were used in its construction. 

After the deaths of Mr and Mrs Hearne in 1889 and 1896 respectively, the Diamond House was sold as a private residence and has seen its fair share of owners and tenants in its time.
Diamond house side and back view

Adding to the history

Diamond House Motor Inn is a particularly comfortable private residence: cool in summer, and warm in winter. It has also spent time as a wine saloon, a confectioner’s shop, a mining science technical school and a meeting hall for The Seventh Day Adventists Church.

In 1982, it became part of the Diamond House Restaurant, with most of the original stonework untouched. It has long been the subject of interest for locals and tourists alike, and will continue to be for many years to come. 

Information courtesy of Stawell Historical Society

What to discover around Stawell?

Stawell is conveniently located near The Grampians National Park, as well as both The Grampians and Pyrenees wine regions, making it the ideal place to stay during your next visit to Western Victoria.

Just a peaceful 20-minute drive, and you will be in the heart of the Grampians: Halls Gap. Here you can choose from a variety of enchanting bush walks, learn about the local Aboriginal culture, or get up close and personal with native wildlife at Victoria’s largest regional privately-owned zoo.
If you have come to the region for its wine, then you will not be disappointed, with over 60 wineries in the area to tempt your pallet. All, only 15 minutes from Great Western, and the famous Seppelt Winery.

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